Dr. Beev, Drowning in Projects, Along With a Certain Comic

Current song on repeat: Random “Bardcore” music

So, several other people have already covered this, but essentially I got involved with a massive inside joke, featuring a parody character Poptropica created for itself: Dr. Beev. I and a few others planned a party in his honor, and on the day of the event, the Creators placed an actual version of Beev in front of the party location. You could even copy his costume!

We even got beaver followers

I’ve never participated in a live online event before, so it was both nerve-wracking and very exciting! I ended up having a lot of fun, and it was a good break from all the other things going on.

Speaking of which…

I seem to be unable to stop piling new ideas and projects on top of myself. I currently don’t have much else to do, so it’s one of the few things I can do to provide myself some motivation and excitement. Otherwise I’d just sleep all day. The problem is that time-management is not even close to being a strength, as well as sorting my priorities! I have distractions from my distractions, and it is becoming very difficult to figure out what I should actually be doing.

While I’ve been going down a rabbit hole of making a Stardew Valley fancomic (which I haven’t updated in a month–need to get back to that), as well as nostalgic online games, I’ve been neglecting a really important project of mine–my comic. I haven’t released many details about the story of “The Last Era” yet, but it and the characters are very important to me, and I’m becoming worried now that I’m spending less time working on or even thinking about it.

I love myself some ship art of characters only I know about, especially when I should actually be writing their story.

Oh, and did you think that was all? I haven’t even discussed my plans for getting my GED, all the songs I want to write, several art competitions with looming deadlines…yeah, it’s a mess.

But I’ll still take it over having nothing to do!

Published by MaryannTheConqueror

Hello world! I'm MaryannTheConqueror, though if we're going on a Poptropican-name basis also Smart Bubbles! I am an aspiring professional artist and writer, as well as a self-proclaimed geek. I love games, from Stardew Valley to Genshin Impact, and of course our nostalgic pal Poptropica! My Poptropica username is mdp686, and you can find me on Instagram, YouTube (which I need to use more), and Tapastic.

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