Hello World!

Just jotting this down as my first blog post. I kind of want this to be a place to collect my thoughts, and share my work, since a lot of it is spread across different sites. I’ll also ramble a bit about my favorite books, video games, and shows!

See ya soon!

Published by MaryannTheConqueror

Hello world! I'm MaryannTheConqueror, though if we're going on a Poptropican-name basis also Smart Bubbles! I am an aspiring professional artist and writer, as well as a self-proclaimed geek. I love games, from Stardew Valley to Genshin Impact, and of course our nostalgic pal Poptropica! My Poptropica username is mdp686, and you can find me on Instagram, YouTube (which I need to use more), and Tapastic.

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